If You Say You’re Going to Asbury, You’re Probably Wrong

Bill Jelliffe Asbury NJAsbury Park is a popular destination in New Jersey because of the beaches, restaurants and nightlife. People even call it Asbury for short and I’ve heard it from friends & coworkers since saying Park takes too long or people know where you’re going. Or do they?

I went to a double-state town a couple of months ago (Washington, New Jersey) and saw a sign for Asbury. I knew I drove 78 West and I knew was in Warren County, not Monmouth.

Asbury is a whole different world than Asbury Park, as evidenced by the business card I got at a local Quick Chek. I don’t think you would find many corn fields down by the¬†boardwalk. It’s weird that Asbury and Asbury Park are so far away from one another because of the similarities in their names.

There might a park in Asbury, but it’s not Asbury Park. One thing is for sure though… I’m hungry for some corn on the cob with butter and a little salt.

Asbury vs Asbury Park NJ

Business Card Count: 32,816

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