Wedding Blog: “Importing” Wedding Invitations From Holland (Designs)

It’s been some time since I’ve written a wedding blog, but I think there will be some more since we’re choosing more vendors. Today, I’ll be talking about my experience with choosing wedding invitations.

Papery of PrincetonAfter dining at the Witherspoon Grill last week, Beth and I went to The Papery of Princeton just down the road. I was told by Beth that it would be a long process and boy was it!

It took a couple of hours to look through all sorts of books from a variety of companies who make wedding invitations. They were pretty helpful since they had a lot of different styles to choose from. They even mapped out pricing for a couple of invitations we liked.

Holland DesignsHowever, Beth wanted to get a second opinion in spite of how reasonable the price seemed at the Papery of Princeton. That’s where Holland Designs comes in.

They’re a company that actually takes a more customized approach. Beth wanted to see the cost of designing something herself. Or at least based on things they’ve done in the past since other people using a similar wedding invitation means more peace of mind.

Megan StoopI didn’t go to meet with Megan Stoop of Holland Designs since she’s located in Jackson, about 2 hours from where I work. And that caused some arguments. Woof.

But I digress. Beth said she seemed nice and helpful to map out/find an invitation in a style that she liked. After getting a photo of it, I thought it looked good and it turned out to be less expensive than what we would have paid the other place, although the invitation styles were different.

I also learned the proper terminology for how paper is styled, like letterpress (which can be seen in Megan Stoop’s business card). Beth’s so proud that I’m learning so much, in spite of losing part of my manhood cred.

We wound up going with Holland Designs, but I’m not going to spoil what the invitation looks like! Tell me about your wedding invitation experience in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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