Unemployment Week 2: In-Person Interviews

It’s another week of unemployment for me. In my first unemployment blog post, I spoke about updating my résumé and filing for unemployment. Because of my work ethic, I already had gotten calls from a couple of places where I applied.

NetCom LearningThe first one was NetCom Learning, where I met with General Manager Yang. The emails were signed by Yang, so I thought that her business card would have her last name. Nope. It’s Yang, just Yang. I know that from looking at the NetCom Learning website that her name is Yang Tuan, although the site has her listed as the Chief Marketing Officer.

It turns out that they were looking for someone who had a lot of paid search experience. I understand the claim and it’s just my experience not fitting the bill.

The next interview was also in Manhattan, but was done through recruiter Christie Besinger for a position at Dentsu Aegis. I was really excited about this position when applying since they were hiring a whole team of people for their new Microsoft account.

It was a different interview to say the least. I went in and interviewed at the same time as another woman around my age did. It was a weird setup since half of the office was empty (awaiting the hiring of this new team). I wound up waiting in an empty office for literally 25 minutes before speaking with Amanda who will be working with Microsoft and Gina from human resources. Neither had a card and it turned out they wanted someone with display advertising experience.

Well, it’s good that I’m getting my name and face out there. I have more opportunities coming up, so see you in Week 3!

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