Throwback: The Interesting Business Card of David Naster

David NasterIt’s the holiday season, so sometimes we like to remember the good old days. Getting presents under the tree as a child. Seeing Santa and thinking he was real. Today, I’m looking back on one of the most interesting business cards I’ve ever received.

It’s for David Naster who does (or perhaps at this point did) business in Lenexa, Kansas. I don’t even know how to instinctively write out the state abbreviation KS. This was one of my earliest cards and I’ve always kept it in my mind because of the witty (Remember that name in your will) line on the card itself.

Not a title, not a clue as to who he is. So why should I put that name in my will? Not that I have one yet, but I have that taken care of for now. But I digress.

Who exactly is David Naster? I did a quick Google search to find out and it turns out that he’s a comedian/speaker, which explains the witty one-liner on the business card. He also wrote some books on how to use comedy & laughter as therapy. I went to his website and he seems like a pretty intriguing guy that I’d definitely be interested in having a meal with if the opportunity came up.

Not intriguing enough to leave anything in my will however. Sorry to disappoint Mr. Naster.

Business Card Count: 31,730

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