It’s 2017 & Time For a Political Rant Like Everyone Else

Sean Patrick MaloneySocial media has run amok with political commentary due to the election of Donald Trump as US President. It’s not POTUS’s business card, but it’s a member sitting in the House of Representatives who could override¬†any decision Donald Trump might want to veto.

I don’t have that high of security clearance. Well, my brother doesn’t… as he’s the one who got me this card on his trip to Washington DC. I can’t imagine the zoo Washington is like now.

Yes I can! Because I see it every day on social media. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen meme-worthy photos of Trump or people trying to defend The Donald and say how liberals don’t know the whole story. Suffering through 4 or 8 years of political ranting by everyone and their mother¬†is hell.

Too Many Opinions on Social Media

There are some people who post a little bit about politics and might not seem as knowledgeable. Others post daily and there are those that post multiple times in a day, an hour even. No matter what, politics have taken over news feeds everywhere.

And it’s for the worse in my opinion. Yes, there are still photos of good times, inspirational quotes, videos, memes and people complaining about their lives. But, I feel like I’ve learned too much about politics, a subject I don’t care about, and I’m not even sure if the info is accurate. A lot of it is prejudicial against one side or the other, calling certain people idiots and such.

Ultimately, the people running the government don’t care about your individual opinion unless you’re an influencer… and I don’t mean just Joe Schmo and Jane Schmane on the Internet. Even the thoughts of many influencers get buried in the social media muck.

I Don’t Vote

That’s right: I’ve never voted. I’m not complaining about who is in office, just the constant opinions thrown about.

Freedom of speech… I get it and people can say whatever they want on their piece of the Internet. I’ll probably be on social media less and less over the next couple of years because of this. That or make the Unfollow option my best friend.

March and Protest Away

There are several (hopefully) peaceful protests slated for the big day. It’s not going to get Trump uninaugurated, but it could spark discussions of changing the electoral college system of old.

I think people should give President Trump the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. But people’s decisions have already been made and that’s sad.

Business Card Count: 34,400

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