It’s Official: Fro-Yo Is Out, Space For Rent Is In

Cherry Reds Wyckoff NJCups Frozen Yogurt South Plainfield NJEverything in life has its fads. Clothes, music, sports, even food. That’s right: food, one of my favorite things.

I’ve seen it in certain brands (ones that don’t exist anymore or have limited-edition flavors), certain diets (like Atkins) and certain types of food (likeĀ frozen yogurt).

The fro-yo fad has been big for a little while, but it’s going downhill as evidenced by the closing of some businesses. For example, the Cups location in South Plainfield NJ was open for a little over a year before closing its doors.

Other fro-yo establishments lasted less time. Cherry Reds took over the Red Mango location in Wyckoff, New Jersey and it closed its doors within 6 months. Granted I stopped going there because it reduced the number of Hale & Hearty soups they served, but still.

I enjoy fro-yo and the many choices I can make (depending on the place) with toppings and flavors. Cups and Cherry Reds both provided those, but I don’t indulge in frozen yogurt that often. It being December probably doesn’t help my thought either.

Regardless of the month, fro-yo is still out.

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