Izumi: Good Hibachi, Marketing Miss?

Izumi Commack NYI recently traveled to Long Island for my nephew’s birthday and I was flying solo since my fiancĂ©e had a wedding to go to. She didn’t get a business card for me, but good thing I got more than 1 to almost make up for it.

But I digress. We went out to lunch at Izumi in Commack NY located on the north shore of western Suffolk County. I note the location because of the latter part of this post that involves the possible miss.

Anyway, Izumi is the first time I’ve ever been to a hibachi show. I’ve eaten hibachi before, but it was never a performance filled with shooting sake into the mouths of the legal-aged guests, lighting food on fire and doing tricks with spatulas and eggs.

In spite of one chef serving us dropping his egg while trying to flip it into his hat, the kids in our party still enjoyed themselves and the food was really good. The salad wasn’t overdressed, the soup (which I ate 2 of) was perfect for a cold day, the rice wasn’t bland and the vegetables, shrimp, salmon and filet mignon I asked for were cooked just right.

Your Nail and Spa IIThey also had a business card onsite for what I assume is another place they own: Your Nail and Spa II. I assume they or someone they know owns it because of the similar styles of both business cards.

My curiosity struck me and thought, “would people in the Commack area drive to Mastic Beach to get their nails done?” I mapped it out and Your Nail and Spa II is at least 35 minutes southeast from Izumi.

I suppose people could be invited from that area to a party like I was, but I don’t think anyone living in that area would drive that far to get their nails done. That’s why I would think it was a marketing miss, but I guess it never really hurts to get your other business’s name out there.

Tell me about your experience at Izumi or Your Nail & Spa II in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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