I Recently Got Jordan Knight’s Business Card

Jordan Knight Hobbs TavernIt’s time for another edition of celebrity business card psych out! Think of this as a Rick Roll, except slightly less dated than “Never Give You Up”… it’s Jordan Knight!

I highly doubt the pop singer and New Kid on the Block is now an Event Coordinator at Hobbs Tavern up in New Hampshire… hey, it could be! But I wanted to share my opinion of Jordan Knight, the singer & not the West Ossipee area resident.

My first memory of Knight was his later solo work back when I was a wee teenager watching TRL. Yes, even I was like every other “normal” teenager for a brief run until I stopped caring about Say What? Karaoke and those type of shows to watch reruns of Law and Order.

Much better choice. I remember not being into the whole boy band scene just because it wasn’t type of music: I enjoyed the harder rock MTV played. I decided to take a fresh ear and listen to Jordan Knight’s big single Give It To You.

Listening back to it today, I can tell why I wasn’t a fan even then. It seems second rate to what groups like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC were producing and a bit of a step (pun intended) off from what he was doing with New Kids on the Block. Or at least Step by Step since that’s the only NKOTB song that is somewhat tolerable.

I heard a couple more decent songs on my satellite radio, but nothing that wouldn’t prevent me from changing the channel to something better like actual 80s music. Ahhhhhh.

Business Card Count: 34,010

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