Just Some Random Cards

No matter where I go, I always have my eyes peeled for business cards. I always come across some fun, random ones along the way.

Premier Car CareI got this card when I stopped short a little while back and spilled protein powder all over my car. I felt like Steve Urkel trying to deal drugs.

They did a thorough job with the car wash and I would go back there. Even if they didn’t, I would since they had a wall of business cards that they were more than happy to let me take. I did get a couple of dirty looks though and a slightly snarky “how can I help you” from one of the employees.

Legacy of CleanI went to the laundromat and they have a bulletin board that sometimes has business cards. This is one of the two business cards that I’ve ever gotten from there and I’m guessing that it’s of the laundromat owner himself.

I never heard of a Legacy of Clean, but from the looks of the laundromat, it’s not exactly the cleanest place to be. And the people look a little dirty also. Not that I dress to the nines at the laundromat.

Math TutorI don’t recall where exactly I found this business card, but it’s already one of my favorites. It made me take a second look because it’s for an unnamed math tutor who lists the math types that he teaches.

Good thing he’s not an English tutor since he can’t spell the word “math”. Unless, his name is Mat Tutor and just so happens to be a tutor.

Hugs for Brady FoundationThis last business card was found in one of the most unusual places I’ve ever seen. It was literally next to a charity jar for this cause. From my guess (and the infant on the back of the business card), it’s in tribute to a kid who has or passed away from cancer. He doesn’t look very happy to be photographed.

Hugs for BradyI usually don’t donate money to charity jars, but I put in 50 cents. I took the business card, so the least I could do was donate. Although, is it really charity if you get something in return?

It is, in a sense, since it doesn’t cost a lot to print a business card, once you divide the mass quantities that you would print out by the total cost. Although, the cutting of the cards is part of the labor, so is that charged like as if they’re an auto mechanic?

All rhetorical and random thoughts that go through my head, which are inspired by my business card collecting hobby.

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