1 Way to Leverage a Situation With Your Business Card

Sun Ray Dry CleanersI recently blogged about Kleenstar Dry Cleaners closing. However, one company has decided to take advantage of that situation.

Sun Ray Dry Cleaners is very nearby and I saw their business card in the laundromat where I do my laundry. My laundromat happens to be next door to where Kleenstar used to be. I must say that Sun Ray is quite shrewd.

People who do their laundry there are probably getting their dry cleaning done right next door. Not only does Sun Ray do dry cleaning, but they also do tailoring work. I don’t think Kleenstar ever did that. They are not only marketing the service people might look elsewhere for after Kleenstar closed, but they may also get custom tailoring done as well.

Too bad I had another dry cleaner in my back pocket, as well as a tailor that I use. Otherwise, I may have taken my clothes there.

That doesn’t make the marketing any less brilliant. I’d do the same exact thing if I were in that situation.

How would you take advantage of a nearby competitor closing its doors? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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