Long Time, No Blog

I haven’t blogged in a while. Ever since Thanksgiving and Christmas have been looming (and passing), Ive found it hard to find the time and inspiration to write for myself. Let me briefly run down some of the things that have happened in my life in the past two months, through business cards.

Bertuccis Woodbridge NJ

One day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I decided (well, my girlfriend decided) that we should go to Bertucci’s in Woodbridge NJ. We had a good meal, but when it came time for it to be served, my girlfriend receive the wrong pasta. The result? The waiter took it off of the bill. I was very surprised at this since Bertucci’s is a chain restaurant and chains are not very open about giving away theirĀ  product. Bertucci’s is a higher-end chain restaurant and the food was pretty good (I had a salad topped with a piece of salmon).

Wire Name Mike

When Christmas shopping, I stumbled across (well, my girlfriend linked me to) a guy on Etsy who creates customized jewelry made with wires. Wire Name Mike made it simple for me to customize a ring that says the name Beth. It’s a great gift idea if you’re looking for something personal to give someone you care about for not a lot of money. She enjoyed it when I gave it to her on Christmas day.


On Christmas Eve, I arrived at my destination (my sister’s house) much earlier than anticipated, so I decided to head to the local mall and walk around. I ran into a kiosk that my local mall doesn’t have anymore that sells Proactiv body wash. This is something that’s helped me with my slight body acne for a while now and normally, you can only get the body wash if you buy the face product first. I don’t need it, so I didn’t want to waste my money. I stocked up and should be good for the next year or so.

Corso 98Last weekend, me and my girlfriend went out on a double date to a nice restaurant called Corso 98 with one of her friends and her husband. This restaurant is on the fancier side and the plates were all presented beautifully.

This BYOB restaurant had a nice atmosphere, where it’s easy to have good conversation and even better food. I had fried mozzarella and a grilled fig salad with goat cheese and strawberries to start. I moved onto the main course of pan-seared sesame-encrusted tuna (medium rare) with seasonal spaghetti vegetables, wasabi and white peach teriyaki (which I mixed together). It was a nice, light meal that filled me up at the same time.

Perhaps, it was the fresh bread that was brought out before the meal. They had both butter and a garlic hummus to put on the bread. Once the food was digested, I have a chocolate chip creme brulee for dessert. It was nicely made and light as well.

I enjoyed the meal overall and is a nice place to go on a special occasion.

Hopefully, I can write more often during 2013. I’ve been pretty busy over the past month or two and I’m looking to dedicate more time to my personal blog.

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