So Lucky to Find This Saloon & Grille

Lucky Dog Saloon & GrilleI was driving home from an event I was doing out in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania when I got hungry and needed a bite to eat. It was 10:45 when I was looking up restaurants & saw that there were a couple of chains open.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see either of them since I probably got confused about the direction I was going in. However, I just so happened to run into a local place in Lafayette Hill PA. I couldn’t guess the name of the town if I tried.

Anyway, I went to the Lucky Dog Saloon and Grille and was grateful they were open. When I asked if they were cooking, they said “anything that’s easy.” Easy worked since I wanted to eat and drive.

I saw their burger choices and I must say I was quite shocked by the customization options available for the beef or chicken burgers they offered. I chose a chicken burger with guacamole, salsa and pepper jack and it was a wise decision. The burger was great, as were the french fries.

The service was also very good, as the food was made quickly and the bartender/waitress was quite nice & helpful. The dog on this business card looks quite cool.

I’d definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone passing through. Tell me about your experience at The Lucky Dog Saloon and Grille in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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