How Lyndon Diner Took Care of Business With Their BTO Omelette

Lyndon Diner York PAOver Labor Day Weekend, I visited my friends Jon and Alison in the middle of Pennsylvania. Before driving back to New Jersey, we got breakfast-ish at the Lyndon Diner in York PA.

As a lover of diners, I always peruse the menu to see all of the different options. But I’m usually a fiend for an egg white omelette when it’s breakfast time or lunch time… sometimes at dinner as well.

Lyndon Finer DinersOn this day, I decided to get the BTO Omelette. I guess that named it that because it’s what Bachman-Turner Overdrive ate when they were on tour. I’m just kidding, that was a bad┬ájoke.

If you think that joke was bad, well… You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet. Okay, I’ll stop now.

It’s called BTO because of the ingredients: basil, tomato and onion. Oh, and there’s also goat cheese on the omelette… but I guess BTOG didn’t sound right.

What is right is the taste of this omelette since the goat cheese dominated my palette, which is what I wanted. I tasted the other elements as well and the hash browns were just right with a little salt added. Surprisingly, the wheat toast (which I skip half the time) was quite toasted and enjoyable especially if you add some more butter.

Lyndon is one of The Finer Diners according to the business card. I had a finer experience and would love to be Takin’ Care of Business (satisfying appetites) there in the future. Okay, that’s all the Bachman-Turner Overdrive jokes I’ve got since I can’t name another song off their discography.

Business Card Count: 33,552

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