Man vs Bulletin Board: The Epic Struggle

Hilltop TaxiI always come across business cards on bulletin board, whether it’s in a supermarket or restaurant. This time, I ran across a business card tacked into a bulletin board in one of my apartment complex’s laundry room.

I never see any cards pinned up (mostly it’s just “I’m selling my secondhand furniture or kids toys”), so I was ready to take it when I ran into a problem. Upon taking the tack out, the card stayed on the board.

My initial thought was that it got tucked on the top border of the board, but it did not. I wound up using the tack to pry it off the board.

Mani Singh

I took some board with me as I wondered why it got stuck. Then, I looked over and realized it was because the board is right next to the dryer & it got steamed on by the heat.

Of course, I found out that I already had it as I went to add it into my collection. The struggle is real folks.

Business Card Count: 30,478

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