Throwback: Max Seibert’s Unique Ouija Board Business Card

Max SeibertI recently came across a business card that I enjoy that Max Seibert used to stand out while promoting his brand. It stands out to me because it’s a Ouija board.

I may like board games, but I’ve never used a Ouija board though I do remember having one briefly as a child. I was always skeptical of its capabilities of being a portal into the spirit world.

My cynicism came from my logical thinking that Ouija s a multiple-person board game (or board activity) where everyone has their hands on the planchette (aka the little pointer thing with the opening to indicate which letter is being communicated), so the odds are that someone is pulling on purpose or subconsciously.

But, I’ve watched some paranormal shows with my significant other that have shown some links between the use (or misuse) of Ouija boards and the spirit world. One particular case that stands out is where a girl & her sister mess with a board without properly finishing the ritual and that causes their home to be haunted.

I read some history about these boards and it actually started out as a parlor game and then the inventor had to sue a bunch of people who ripped off his idea. Eventually, Parker Brothers bought the rights from the guy’s estate and then Hasbro took over Parker Brothers.

My belief is that Ouija boards are not actually a portal to the spirit world because I feel as though that type of power would not be man made. I feel it had to have existed from the onset of whoever created the world. I think any “portal” that would open up the spirit world would already be open and the concept of a Ouija board may anger a spirit enough to haunt a location rather than the board itself.

Oh, and I’ve seen online reviews of the Ouija movies and they look awful.

Business Card Count: 36,482

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