My Mom Gave Me Wet Dreams (& Other Mexican Business Cards)

My mom recently vacationed in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and she was gracious enough to bring home some business cards for me.

Firstly, there’s actually a place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico called Wet Dreams. I went to the website to see if Wet Dreams was what I suspected it was, but it’s in Japanese so I couldn’t tell. Some things are better left unknown, especially if your mother gives it to you.

But I digress since there were other interesting Mexican business cards in the batch.

Mexican Business Cards

From my research, Puerto Vallarta is a resort town that attracts a lot of English-speaking people. I guess that’s why a lot of these business cards were in English. I noticed a trend of realtor cards such as the one for Boardwalk Realty that uses Uncle Pennybags in a sombrero as a logo. Bonus points.

I also saw a bunch of cards that had two last names on it spaced out. With the (very little) knowledge I retained from high school Spanish and additional research, it’s a common practice. Good thing I researched it since I organize my business cards alphabetically and you’re supposed to call them by their first surname (as you can tell by the Wood Concep card in the lower right corner).

Thanks again to my mom for picking up these cards from Puerto Vallarta! Have you ever gotten business cards from Mexico? Tell me more in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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