Mike Isabella Restaurant Out of Business Already

I drove by G Grab and Go, a Mike Isabella restaurant that I’ve previously blogged about, the other day and saw that it was no longer there. This really intrigued me since it opened up less than a year ago and it’s already gone.

What happened? Where did this restaurant go wrong?

Mike Isabella RestaurantMike Isabella

Firstly, it was in a spot that is notorious for high turnover of businesses. Before it was G Grab and Go, it was some other deli that didn’t last for a while either. Next, it’s going to be a felafel place that I will try since I like felafels. I hope it lasts a bit longer.

Secondly, this area was clearly the wrong area for Mike Isabella to set up shop. One Yelp reviewer said “I really want to like this place because its close to my house but their concept doesn’t work and won’t work in this area.” I agree since it’s a densely Indian population and I don’t feel as though many of them would eat there.

Thirdly, the food got pretty mixed reviews. The same reviewer as above said, “I ordered their roast beef sandwich and it was edible but not great at all. Also ordered the Italian sandwich and the thick cut meat was so hard to chew. They need to add more to the menu and cut the meat thinner.”

Another reviewer talked about what I got the one time I went and said, “I ordered the Chorizo Burrito and while it was edible, the burrito was way too oily and greasy. In terms of taste, it wasn’t anything special and definitely not worth the price.” I definitely thought the burrito was greasy and oily, but I was craving something with that flavor profile that day. The burrito fell apart as I picked it up.

This Mike Isabella restaurant could have definitely worked somewhere else, but he picked the wrong building in the wrong area. And perhaps, he should have gotten some locals to taste test the food prior to opening to see what could be improved.

Did you eat at G Grab and Go? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment sections below or on Twitter.

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