Mother’s Day Brunch at One Main Restaurant & Bar

One Main Restaurant and BarMother’s Day just passed and as per the usual with holidays, I had to travel to Long Island early in the morning to arrive for brunch with family.

Of course there was traffic, but that’s what the Long Island driving experience is all about. However, I want to focus on the food I ate at our eatery of choice: One Main Restaurant & Bar in Babylon NY.

I decided that I wanted something light to eat although I was hungry. I chose the Kristin Omelet (not just because it’s almost my name) that comprised of spinach, tomato, onion, mushroom and goat cheese. I made mine an egg-white omelet.

I knew going goat might be risky since I usually like a sharper cheese, but I like goat cheese a lot in salads. It works equally as well in an omelet. The only problem was that it felt like they put the whole goat in my omelet.

There was enough goat cheese for the egg whites and a majority of my breakfast potatoes. I even dipped my sausage in the goat. Kinky.

Other family members of mine got pancakes the size of an actual pan, which made me full just looking at it. Overall, it was a good morning and a good meal with good service.

Ever eat at One Main Restaurant and Bar? Tell me about your experience in the comments or tweet me @ChrisKeuling!

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