My Electric Experience With Anthony Gallicchio of AA Electrical

Anthony GallicchioMore things required fixing in the house for the sake of the sale I mentioned last blog post. And one of them was getting some electrical work done in the attic.

Precisely, repairing a junction box that was improperly sealed. The last electrician who did work on the house was very unreliable in terms of being available (yes, I’m talking about the guy ATK Solutions uses) and it was something that was a quick job that needed to be done fast.

Note: I had no idea I used the “electric experience” alliteration in the ATK Solutions blog post I wrote until I viewed it once again.

Anyhoo, Anthony Gallicchio of AA Electrical was recommended to me, so I gave him a call to get an estimate. His initial one was $150, so I made an appointment to get it done & he was available quickly (yes, I’m still griping at you Joe from ATK). He came over and went up into the attic and said the job should take no longer than an hour.

He was so nice that he reduced his price in half to $75 because of how little time it took. I felt bad that he slashed his fee so much, so there was some insulation in the attic that wasn’t properly laid down. I told him I’d make it an even $100 if he did that. He was more than willing to, so we called it a day. I’d definitely use him again

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