My Farewell & Memories of RadioShack

Radio ShackIt’s a day that one could have honestly seen coming for a while now: RadioShack is closing down. At least, many of the stores in NJ will be shutting their doors, including those that I have business cards for.

This is due to RadioShack declaring bankruptcy. Over the past few years, I was always shocked when I saw the store open in a location. It didn’t mean I didn’t stop in and try to collect a business card.

I remember going into RadioShack when I was younger for a couple of reasons. The main one was to buy VHS tapes to record custom CAW (create-a-wrestler) wrestling video game matches at my friend’s house with a few buddies.

Radio Shack Closing

The second was to purchase batteries. I remember always getting batteries at RadioShack because of their deals.

Finally, I remember buying a microphone there during my short-lived attempt at being a singer in a rock band. I remember doing a total of 1 improv rehearsal before that idea, along with my money, fluttered away.

Radio Shack Bankruptcy“The Shack Has Your Back” was apparently a marketing gimmick they were doing in recent years, as evident of its presence on the back of their business cards. All RadioShack has now is a reputation of fading away and apparently having 11 straight quarters of losses before appropriately filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (according to the Wall Street Journal).

I guess the new RadioShack failed (womp womp) and it looks like Sprint will be taking over. Let me know about your memories of RadioShack and your thoughts about them closing shop in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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