My Job Interview at Taylor Made Marketing

Taylor Made MarketingI wanted to write this blog since Taylor Made Marketing doesn’t seem to be on the up and up.

This position seemed like a scam based on my interaction at the job interview and the fact that a ripoff report came up on Google Page One for the company from another person applying for the same position.

Of course I checked this after the fact and should have performed better research.

But I digress. I was contacted by Marie Sapienza, the Human Resource Manager, regarding an Account Consultant opening that they had posted on Craigslist. I spoke with her and I got the impression based on our conversation that my digital marketing experience would really come into play at Taylor Made Marketing.

Damn, was I wrong!

I come in for an interview and meet with Strategic Manager Kyle Clark. From my interaction with him, he seemed to pitch the company and position as if it was coming from a script. He seemed really smarmy when talking to me also, including telling me that the job title was only temporary (and not to be scared by the word “temporary”) since I could move up fast. The conversation was not in vain, as I asked if my digital marketing experience would have any bearing on the job and of course he said no.

The whole basis would be going around to companies and helping them save money through their client, Direct Energy. The red flag went up IMMEDIATELY, based on the scam nature of Direct Energy. In fact, you can see a video on Google Page One from a person who got scammed by them.

My goodness. It wound up that if I would be considered for a second interview that it would be a whole day shadow of an employee doing what I would be doing. Kyle Clark asked if I was available the next day to do this and I said no since I had another interview (which I will talk about in my next unemployment blog). He did not seem pleased.

We parted ways and was told, “if you hear back from us by 2-3 today, we’ll arrange a second interview. If not, then that means you are not a fit.” And I did not hear back from them.

Thank God. Do you have an experience dealing with Taylor Made Marketing or Direct Energy? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!


  1. Taylor Made is a company that literally invests nothing in its employees. It’s all commission.

    I’ve never seen turnover so high among any company I’ve ever worked for. Needless to say I quit within a couple weeks after realizing I’ll never be able to save money bc too much of it was wasted on gas, which you aren’t reimbursed for.

    I wish I was smart enough back then to had done my research about the company.

    • Thank you for your feedback Ron. I got that sense once I sat down and talked with them. I only Googled them to confirm my thoughts on them.

      I know some people enjoy working on commission, but I’m not one of them.

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