My Most Recent Barber Has His Own Business Card

Paul Pro HaircuttersI just got my 1st haircut since my wedding week, which I went into some detail about here. My wife was very pleased to say the least.

And so was I. My haircut is pretty standard fare and it was a fine experience. But that wasn’t the most interesting part about my haircut.

It was the fact that my barber had his own personalized business card.

Ace Pro HaircuttersIt shows his personal hours, so you can schedule your appointments around his schedule. That’s pretty smart, although not having the address on the card isn’t the best decision in case a customer forgets where it is & they’re too lazy to Google it.

Apparently, all of the barbers at Pro Haircutters have their own card including Paul, the guy I used. And this other guy Ace, whose business card I took from the Muscle Maker Grill right near Pro Haircutters, had one too.

Similar to the Sansone Auto Mall business cards I found in 2013, they all appear to be different in design than each other and the Pro Haircutters card for the Parsippany NJ location I went to by a gym I go to.

Pro Haircutters Parsippany NJ

Business Card Count: 30,831

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