My Wife Has Recruited a Company of Card Collectors

lotus823 BethMy wife has always been on my case about not featuring her more in my blog. I did dedicate an entire section to our wedding, which you can read all about here.

Well, she has enlisted her coworkers at lotus823 to collect business cards for me by simply letting them know about my habit. Many of them have been helping out and in turn, adds business cards to my collection that I wouldn’t get my hands on otherwise.

Not without teasing that I won’t get them first. It’s a cute little game she plays with me. I dislike it greatly.

They range from places around the Jersey Shore where their office is located & spots where they enjoy to old business cards of contacts who they no longer need to talk to. Don’t worry: I won’t call them. Or email them. Or show up to their job.

Thanks for feeding my habit ladies!

Oh, and this business card is wrong since Beth just got promoted at work (which I’m so proud of since she deserves it for all of her hard work). lotus823 needs to work on getting her a new one, stat. Not for accuracy of her new title, just so I can add 1 more card to my collection. Which she’ll bring home from work, coincidentally.

The business card is also not flawed: I also wiped out her mobile # from the card, so the few people (or one person) reading this without her phone # don’t bother her.

Business Card Count: 30,987

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