Nice Comma

Joe's Motorcycle TransportJust take a look at this business card. There are so many issues with this that I’m surprised that they get any business at all.

First off, look at the name of the business. What is supposed to be Joe’s Motorcycle Transport is Joe,s Motorcycle Trainsport. You can’t even spell the name of your business right. Seriously, do you not have a couple of bucks to reprint them?

And how did this even happen? First off, the comma is nowhere near the apostrophe key, so how did you make that mistake? Or did the apostrophe just fall down and it can’t get up?

Secondly, does trainsport not come up on spell check? It came up three times for me while writing this blog. A Google user on an iPhone would even get it autocorrected for them. And why is there a huge gap between Motorcycle and Trainsport?

But I digress. I also see that the name has two stars next to it, but when indicating that Joe only does pickups, there are three stars on each side. A little consistency please.

Lastly, how does scream “I pick up motorcycles?” Is coin some sort of slang for motorcycle that I don’t know about? And I would say nobody uses AOL email addresses anymore, but I still have a Yahoo! one.

I will be doing the same sort of analysis of other business cards that I come across that are really wrong. This isn’t a criticism of the business, just the business card.

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