A Nice Funeral Goes a Long Way

My apologies for the lack of an update. I was actually in the middle of writing a blog post about a new restaurant (well, cafe) that opened up recently in my area & my first experience there.

However, I’ve been (in addition to the things I already do in my life) been dealing and reeling over the process of my grandmother Vivian Steers passing away over the past couple of weeks. Long story short: she had a stroke in August, they found cancer in her brain, she was doing better until the tumor grew and things got worse until she passed away on Monday 9/22.

I visited her twice post stroke, once in an assisted living facility that she enjoyed but didn’t have the medical team to help once things got worse and on the day before her death when she seemed to be in a deep sleep and comfortable. It was quick and thankfully, the suffering was minimal.

Thomas P Walsh Funeral HomeThen, came the wake on Wednesday and the funeral mass & burial on Thursday. Upon arriving at Thomas P. Walsh Funeral Home in Central Islip, I saw that it was a nice size and looked immaculate. The size was especially good for the number of people who came to both viewings and sat down.

They actually used two different rooms that are usually divided by a movable wall, but made it into one room. The setup was also really nice, with one feature that I’ve never seen before. There was a candle next to the casket (which was closed) and it had a picture of my grandmother’s face on the glass as a part of the candle.

I saw some people I always see and others that I hadn’t seen in years. It was a nice time of reflection to think about my grandmother and a time to say goodbye.

A great thing that the staff did was that they opened the door for everybody coming in and going out. I also liked that the staff were helpful in knowing all of the different prayers and religious things that needed to be said upon her arrival at the cemetery.

I’ll miss my grandmother a whole lot, but I’m glad that she’s buried with her husband & family and grateful that all that she gave me from gifts & money to love & some personality traits. Even the hard times when being told that I’ll never find a girl who would love me since I didn’t know how to hold a fork the right way.

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