A Nice Double Date Night Out at U-Yee Sushi in Iselin NJ

U-Yee Sushi Iselin NJBelieve it or not, I first tried sushi while living abroad in London. My time overseas made me open myself up to many new things, from experiences in foreign lands to food. And I enjoy sushi, though I don’t eat it all that often for whatever reason.

Here’s the reason: it’s not too filling unless you get a lot of it. But, I do enjoy dining out and that was the case when I recently went to U-Yee Sushi on a double date with a couple me and my significant other met through Meetup.

I picked this sushi restaurant since it was by the Retro Fitness location in the Plaza of Woodbridge that I have worked out at and the couple we went with said they enjoy it. U-Yee also offers hibachi, but we opted out of that experience.

Sushi Restaurant Woodbridge NJThere were so many sushi rolls to choose from that I had a hard time choosing. But, I decided on the the 2 pictured rolls.

What I Ate & Drank

The first is the sweetheart roll (which had a different name I can’t remember) that combines salmon, avocado & ahi tuna and it was delicious (with wasabi). The second roll was called the Crazy Dragon. I was craving eel and this roll hit the spot with the eel flavor along with avocado & crabmeat.

They were hard to eat with my chopsticks… perhaps because I haven’t used them in a while.

The cocktails matched the good taste of the sushi. The highlight was called the U-Yee, which is named after the restaurant (though, the waiter recommended my significant other to have a different more common drink that was much weaker). I had a melon ball that was not too sweet and hit the spot.

I’d love to head back to U-Yee Sushi for the hibachi since the cold food was delicious.

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