Throwback: My 1st NJ Dinner Cruise on Cornucopia Cruise Line

Cornucopia Cruise LineMy birthday is coming up real fast, so I decided to take a look back at my last birthday and a really sweet gift I got from my someone special: a dinner cruise on Cornucopia Cruise Line.

I’d love to go on a cruise one day and was told that taking a dinner cruise that lasted a few hours would be a good dress rehearsal. I remember the last extended boat ride I took (outside of a ferry) was in Cape Hatteras when I was 9 or 10 years old and I wound up getting seasick and vomiting orange from eating an OJ & carrot breakfast.

But I digress. We departed out of Perth Amboy, New Jersey before the sunset and I couldn’t wait to experience what Cornucopia Cruise Line had to offer. And it started off with some well-made drinks and a nice view of the sunset.

Then came the food. We had a 5-course meal that consisted of small appetizers, a pasta, a Caesar salad, the entree choice I made was salmon in a creamy dill sauce with potatoes & a vegetable and a plate of pastries for dessert. I enjoyed the food I had.

Then came the dancing. The DJ played music from a variety of eras and the dance floor was full. Thanks to my significant other, I’ve rediscovered my joy for dancing and this night meant that I could just let my inner boogie loose. I also got some kudos from a couple of people on the boat for a combination of my dancing and my date.

I had a fun time on my first dinner cruise, even if it was just in Central NJ. I’d definitely do another cruise, especially around the Caribbean. Thanks to Cornucopia Cruise Line & my someone special for making my birthday celebration special and fun.

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