Not So Crazy 4 Falafel

Crazy 4 FalafelI was disappointed when Mike Isabella restaurant G Grab and Go went out of business. However, my sadness turned to joy when the Crazy 4 Falafel sign went up.

I used to work by a falafel restaurant that I really enjoyed eating at. It combined my love of hummus, vegetables and my new found liking of falafel.

I was so excited to eat there when it opened up. It took a while, but I finally made my way there.

It did not live up to the hype. Upon entering, I looked at the menu and chose the Jerusalem. This was a platter comprised of hummus, tabuli, baba ganush and falafel balls. Let me start off by saying I never tried baba ganush and I did not like it, so I can’t judge that part in comparison.

The other three dishes I definitely can. The hummus and tabuli were bland, even when you mix them together. The falafel balls were also pretty bland and felt lukewarm at best, even when put together with the hummus and tabuli. The place by my old job, Uncle Jack’s Good 2 Go, does it a lot better, with more variety and for less money.

Too bad that’s not near my apartment. The location of Crazy 4 Falafel and the culture (mostly Indian) might make it survive longer than G Grab and Go.

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