O&M Landscaping Taped Their Business Card to My Mailbox

O and M LandscapingI’m sure you’ve seen many things put in your mailbox in an effort for a company to promote their business like pamphlets, menus and enveloped mail. I recently saw one of the more unique approaches for self promotion: a business card taped to the mailbox.

O&M Landscaping was the culprit. Someone from that company went around house to house to scotch tape their card in an effort to get customers during the summer, presumably that business’s busy season.

Here’s why this is a good idea: this type of self promotion will surely get noticed, as opposed to putting it in the mailbox where it might not get grabbed.

It also cuts down on costs of other print advertising. This business card is well done since it presents the key info: the O&M Landscaping name, phone # and main services performed.

Here’s why this is a bad idea:

  • The tape could deface someone’s mailbox, which could anger someone who might be that particular.
  • The tape is very hard to separate from the card without damage being caused to the card, though this isn’t as bad since they only used a small piece at the top.
  • The card could very well fall off or get damaged due to weather conditions like the rain or high winds.
  • People might not notice if they’re on their phone or distracted with kids while just grabbing the mail. This card was taped to the front of the box and not on the top lid.

I’ve never used or knowingly met anyone from O&M Landscaping, so this is not a reflection of their work. This is just a look at the way they advertised their services.

Business Card Count: 35,969

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