The Old Man Rafferty’s Sunday Brunch Buffet Experience

Old Man Rafferty'sOld Man Rafferty’s is one of my favorite restaurants I’ve eaten at in NJ because of the great food they have on their regular menu. Me and my fiancĂ©e have eaten there several times for lunch and dinner.

Sunday brunch is a whole different animal. A couple of weeks ago, we (along with her family) went to the Old Man Rafferty’s location in New Brunswick went for brunch. It was packed and for good reason.

The food setup was good, although I didn’t want to eat a lot of the carb-heavy, fatty choices they offered like scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, bagels, pastries and pre-dressed salads. I enjoyed a couple of veggie egg white omelets, some roast beef & turkey slices, shrimp, crag legs and salad, even though it all tasted as expected and didn’t stand out aside from the omelets.

There were also several cakes and cookies that were offered. I had a couple of cookies just to satisfy my craving for something sweet. They were generic, can-get-them-anywhere type, but still good.

It was definitely worth of trip in spite of being sat at a cramped table in the back corner of the restaurant near the kitchen with almost no means of escape. I especially enjoyed the experience since this is the 3rd business card I’ve taken from this location, but the first without a General Manager’s name on it.

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