Olive Garden and Costco in Edison NJ

Olive Garden Edison NJ

When going to chain restaurants like the Olive Garden, I’m keenly interested in getting the business cards at the restaurant since they always vary and change up by the brand’s PR, the business card design itself or the people who work there and their titles. At the Olive Garden nearest Edison NJ, I was able to get four business cards for the various managers who work there. Already, I notice a difference: Katie Perrotto, the Service Manager, was not a name I had seen before.

Of course, my girlfriend Beth rolled her eyes at me as I pointed this out, as she usually does when getting business cards. She was more excited since the Olive Garden is her favorite restaurant and loves that one opened near our home in Edison NJ. I’m not super fond of chain restaurants in general because the food is pretty generic and somewhat unhealthy, which is why I measure my experience at one based on the service I get.

It was the typical service experience at the Olive Garden nearest Edison NJ with the food taking a little while to come out. One off aspect of it was the fact that the fettuccine alfredo that Beth had gotten tasted like the pasta was drowned to death. Never-ending pasta? One’s enough, thanks.

Then, we went to Costco in Edison New Jersey to buy in bulk (money saver) and I stumbled upon this:

Costco Edison New Jersey

Beth thought that the name looked familiar and we found out why soon enough. We saw the guy’s name at the entrance of the Costco. Yes, I know the card says Costco and Edison New Jersey on it, but I didn’t look at it thoroughly. I was giddy like a schoolgirl, alright? But, I digress; I decided to get a fresh card. My reward?

Costco Edison New Jersey

See, I not only got a clean card, but I also got one from his partner. 🙂 Then, my Costco experience went downhill since it’s a mob scene in there with so many people stopping their carts in the middle of the aisle. At one point, I even saw an employee sent out to break the people up. “You can’t congregate here,” he says. I’m sure half of them don’t know what that means. At least, we got what we needed quickly enough.

This coming weekend, I will be in Atlantic City for my brother’s bachelor party. I will keep my eyes peeled for business cards since this is my first time venturing to that neck of the woods. Until next time…

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