OMG, Celebs in the House (Sort Of)

Modern Nails & Spa

My girlfriend Beth had Martin Luther King Day off on Monday, so she decided to go to Hoboken to see one of her friends. I, on the other hand, went to work and came down with a bad case of the Mondays. I receive a text message from her saying that she went to get her nails done at Modern Nails & Spa and almost met Kim Kardashian.

I don’t get the appeal of her, but Beth is a huge Kardashian fan, along with the Real Housewives of Whocaresville, Mob Wives and other clearly phony reality shows. I ask “how did you almost meet her?” The response:

Kim KardashianShe posts a photo of the most famous Kardashian standing with the owners of this nail salon, similar to how celebs give autographed 8x10s to diners or dry cleaners that they frequent (yes, two different Seinfeld references), on her Facebook page.

But, I digress. I don’t understand the obsession that people have over celebrities. Being on television, in movies or doing whatever it is that makes them famous is their job by choice, just like how my job is to write content in the digital marketing field. I know that being famous for any reason is a good thing since it means that you’re remembered forever.

Unless you’re a serial killer, but this is a happy blog. See? 😀 Moving on…

I’ve met a number of celebs and have spoken to them like normal people. And by celebs, I mean professional wrestlers who I’ve met during my weekend escapades.

But, I can understand people’s point of view because seeing someone on TV or in a movie makes you feel as if there’s a personal connection based on a character. In the case of reality TV stars, their characters are themselves (exaggerated for the sake of ratings, of course).

What is your opinion of the hype (or should I say overhype) of celebs?

And a note to Modern Nails & Spa, the website on your business card is not valid and it doesn’t seem that you claimed your business on Google+, so sorry I couldn’t link back to you to enhance your (nonexistent) online presence.

And a note to Beth, thank you for letting me use the photo you took without your permission since you posted it online, thank you for the additional business card to my collection (she took the last one, I love the feeling of taking the only card left) and your nails look great!

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