One More Thing About the Wedding… Lil Cutie Pops

Lil Cutie Pops Red Bank NJWith a huge day like my wedding, I knew I’d forget to mention something. And that thing was the favors.

In my defense, I couldn’t talk about the wedding favors before the big day since they were supposed to be a surprise. But once the day ended, it was a detail that slipped my mind when I rated my vendors since they technically weren’t a vendor.

We decided on cake pops from Lil Cutie Pops. Beth thought “I’ll make them myself,” and then she thankfully came to her senses. We went down there when we were shopping for other vendors in Red Bank and got to sample some balls.

We got to bring home 4 flavors and we thought a couple were a little dry since we got there late in the day (and I assume they were made early in the morning & we drove in the car for like an hour with the samples). We decided on the cookies and cream flavor since we were able to get it in our wedding colors.

They tasted even better than the samples we got. In fact, we got a bunch of leftovers and I ate 1 or 2 per day. Some days, 5 or 6. The point is we made a good choice with Lil Cutie Pops when it came to our wedding favors.

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