Patience Can Be a Virtue When Business Carding

Digital Signage ExpoI know about trade shows and the swag that you can get. I’ve gone to a couple and always walked around the floor grabbing business cards. That’s what I would have done if I went to the Digital Signage Expo (DSE), but alas I did not fly to Vegas.

But my wife did. I told her to snag me some business cards. She grabbed a bunch for her client and a few from her experiences.

The catch is that she took half of them for herself because of work. Greedy. Especially when she told me I could only have one from a guy and there were 2 different backs.

She said she’d give me the rest when she was done with them. That pretty much means I’ll never see them again… but my thoughts were changed when we packed her desk for moving.

Old Business CardsHuff… “Here.”

That’s what I heard when my wife handed me a stack of business cards just taking up space in a section of her desk. What gems she unearthed for me. They include:

  • Cards she needed from our wedding, whether it’s duplicates from wedding venues or ones she came across at bridal shows
  • Old colleagues she used to work with, including a card she never gave me of one of her good friends/a bridesmaid
  • Job interviews she went on years ago (who knew¬†there was a Barnes and Noble College?)

Hopefully it won’t take me years to get my hands on these cards from DSE.

Business Card Count: 32,455

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