Paying Tribute to My Dad Through Golf

Sunken Meadow Golf CourseGolf was my dad’s favorite sport. For the past 5 years since his passing, my siblings and I have put together an annual golf outing in his honor.

It’s always a fun event since I get to see some old friends of mine and my father’s. And the fact that there’s good food. And the fact that golf is not my sport.

In fact, I think golfing is about the least talented thing I do on occasion. I played for a fraction of a summer when I was in high school with my dad & brother, including a couple of 9-hole & Par 3 courses. Let’s just say that I take more strokes than Michael Phelps.

But I digress. This year, we did it at the Sunken Meadow Golf Course in Kings Park. I went to a driving range the week before to practice and felt confident enough that I would get below a 125.

Right before I was about to tee off, it started pouring & thundering. That meant the game would be delayed. And of course shenanigans ensued when our party was making fun of the overly grumpy golf course attendant with the safari hat. I had my lowest score of 0 so far. Then the game went on.

I must say that Sunken Meadow Golf Course really didn’t feel like it got rained out after the stormy weather dissipated. There were no puddles on the green or anything. However, the sand was quite wet and very tough to hit out of. I would know, I fell into more traps than the Wet Bandits fells into during Home Alone.

I wound up winning a trophy at the tournament also.

Golf Course Kings Park NY

Of course it was for highest score: a 126. Hey, at least I took 10 strokes off my last score.

If you have an experience at Sunken Meadow Golf Course, tell me about it in the comments or tweet me @ChrisKeuling!

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