Picking Up a Business Card During a Bar Fight

Moto Moto KitchenSometimes, I find business cards in the most unusual of places. This time, it’s a most unusual of circumstance.

It was a typical Saturday night at a bar (lounge technically) where there was dancing, drinking and hookah. I’ve been to this place often and it’s always been peaceful outside of some scummy characters.

On this night, things changed right after last call. One moment, things were peachy keen and the next, a glass breaks. It’s not shocking for someone to drop a beer or cocktail.

What was shocking was what came next. It was almost literally a mob scene as about 20 people moved back and forth in front of me.

Two guys even got knocked off of their feet into a booth. This melee pursued for what felt like 2 or 3 minutes until it was broken up.

Once the upbeat dance music died down, one security lady yelled, “if you don’t work here, get the fuck out!” And as I got the fuck out, I saw a business card on the floor and snagged it.

Not sure where the 302 area code is, but Moto Moto Kitchen is far from this bar.

After the cops and an ambulance showed up what felt like almost immediately, I found out that one guy hit another with a beer bottle. Not sure why, probably drunken stupidity. Oh well… one man’s stupidity makes for another’s story.

I hope the other guy is alright and some justice was served to the instigator.

Business Card Count: 33,818

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