Politics Brings Out the Genuineness & Weirdness in People

Hillary Clinton Donald TrumpPolitics are always a controversial topic that brings out the most opinionated thoughts that people have… along with religion of course. But this year’s Presidential election seems to be the most heavily criticized in my memory because of the qualifications (or lack thereof) of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I have to say that I don’t vote and it seems like this election more than any shows that my vote really doesn’t matter. Either way, we get a candidate that half the country is unhappy with for reasons that vary and I don’t understand.

In short, politics brings out the weirdness in people and makes them nuts.

Run Against BushLet me use this Run Against Bush business card I found a long time ago as an example. Run Against Bush was started by a group of citizens (like you and I, except they have an interest in politics) who put together runs and other activities to get former president George W. Bush out of office.

I’m not judging the credibility of this coalition¬†or anything, but people will find both creative and not-so-creative ways to air their political views though it seems like the Constitution helped their mission come to fruition. At least Run Against Bush is less annoying than Facebook.

Going to the Run Against Bush website now, it’s doing some pretty shady link building that’s very outdated SEO. I suppose that’s one way of showing your freedom of speech: by linking to shady websites in ways I used to at my internship in 2006.

Business Card Count: 33,709

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