Random Restaurant Request

If you couldn’t tell by now from my blog, I eat at a lot of restaurants. Probably too many. Some of them, well most of them thanks to my lovely girlfriend, are chains and I’ve experienced other diners and restaurants in the past as well.

Bertuccis North Brunswick NJ

A few weekends ago, Beth and I did a late Valentine’s Day celebration since we both work and trying to eat on the “most romantic day of the year” isn’t worth it. We went to Jose Tejas for lunch (always a wait), went to see Identity Thief in theaters (typical comedy) and went out to the Bertucci’s in North Brunswick NJ.

Upon sitting down, our waitress takes our drink orders. Beth decides on an iced tea and when trying to sweeten it, we discover that the sugar/Splendia/Sweet’N Low container was wet inside and caused everything to semi-evaporate. It literally fell apart as we tried to pick up a packet. So, we asked the waitress for a new one and got it.

That was a new one for me. And at least they keep it clean. And tasting better than California Pizza Kitchen.

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