Realtor Curtis Counts Left a Thanksgiving Apple Pie on Our Doorstep

Curtis Counts RealtorThe holidays are a time for giving. Not just for family, but in general. Everyone seems nicer around the holidays. Unless you’re Black Friday shopping, then watch out.

But getting back onto topic. One recent afternoon, my significant other came home to an apple pie on the stoop. Along with it was the business card of Curtis Counts, a Remax realtor.

I was unaware of the significance of who Curtis Counts was until I was told that he helped my significant other with her home purchase. The first thing that came to my mind was “wow, that’s a nice thing to do.”

Remax Clark NJThe second thing is that all I ever got from my past realtors were cards and headaches. But I digress.

The apple pie was very tasty and would definitely fall into the category of an apple crisp because of its topping. That reminds me of my grandmother who made apple crisp, but I regretfully never had any because I was a picky eater in my youth.

Id like to thank Curtis for the lovely gift that complemented my pistachio Halo Top Creamery pint. It was enjoyed by my significant other and I very much.

Tis Better to Give

I think giving during the holidays is a nice gesture that can be spread all year around. I try to be giving in nature in general, but I know that I can’t always do so monetarily or with my time.

Thisyear, my Christmas season will be different because I had the idea to volunteer for the holidays. I’m still looking for a good place to do so in my area, but I’ve never really volunteered before and want to give back somehow.

My significant other and I will be heading to the Dominican Republic the week before as well since we’ll be seeing my family the week before.

Business Card Count: 36,580

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