Throwback: Living at the Residence Inn in Poughkeepsie NY

Residence Inn Poughkeepsie NYThat’s right: at one time, I lived out of a hotel. The Poughkeepsie Residence Inn to be precise. It’s a really long story of how this occurred, but it’s a doozy.

It was my senior year of college and too many students who got accepted by MaristĀ chose to go to my alma mater. So the natural logic Marist had was to triple up certain seniors. And of course, one happened to be me.

And I was pissed especially since my roommates were quite annoying. I snored too loud apparently and they tried to make me sleep in the living room. I went and complained about it to the RA on several occasions that I couldn’t live with my roommates.

It was only 2 weeks into the semester and it was arranged that I would be moved out of the triple and into their new solution for overflowed students: the Residence Inn down the road from the school. Apparently, other students were living there also and I was told to expect a roommate. But I never got one!

So I slept in my own hotel room with multiple bunk beds inside. The room came with a kitchen, which I almost burned down once thanks to my poor cooking skills. I felt such shame when the fire department walked outside with the pan I was using. I can sense the anger the other people had since I’ve felt that when people set off fire alarms by burning popcorn.

There was also a pool and fitness center I would have taken advantage of if not for the fact that I was at my worst weight and diet at that point. At least I took full advantage of the free breakfast every day and I’m sure I ate oodles of bacon & sausage and no yogurt or other healthy stuff because I was a fatty.

Overall, I really enjoyed living in the hotel for a semester. I got booted from there over winter break and wound up moving into an apartment with my brother & his girlfriendĀ (now ex-girlfriend).

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