Happy Birthday to Me: Restaurant Hopping in Little Italy

Well, this might be a first for me: writing a business card blog without the main business card of the story. That’s because my mother still has it and will be giving it to me the next time I see her.

However, I wanted to write this while it was relevant… only a little time after my birthday dinner on July 31. I met up with my family at a restaurant called Puglia, located in the midst of Little Italy.

Puglia Restaurant NYC

I anticipated this meal since I wanted to see my family. Plus, my mom raved about Puglia and I will say the food was pretty delightful. They made their own in-house wine, which was smooth (I had the white).

It went well with my water and all the food I ate. We started off with appetizers, comprised of really good garlic bread (crispy on the outside & garlicky on the inside), fried calamari (always a favorite), a rice ball (yummy although I had to avoid the ricotta cheese) and an artichoke (also pretty good, but not my favorite).

Then came my salad, which was comprised of arugula, grilled pears and Gorgonzola cheese (an enjoyable menage-a-trois that all played off of each other). My main meal was the Chicken Travolta that wasn’t Staying Alive (okay, poor Saturday Night Fever reference) for long on my plate, as the combination of chicken, sauteed spinach, mozzarella and tomato in a white wine sauce was good as well.

I was really craving seafood, but the only seafood they really had was shrimp, which I wasn’t in the mood for since I wanted an actual fish. Since it was my birthday (and 2 other people’s at the table), we each got a birthday treat: a piece of cheesecake (that I did not eat since cheesecake is yucky), a pretty good cannoli and a straw-shaped pastry that was also appetizing when dipped in the whipped cream on the plate.

Restaurants Little ItalyRoaming Little Italy

Since I had never been to Little Italy, I decided to look at each restaurant’s menu that was posted outside. A lot of the places had people standing outside whose sole job was to lure people into the restaurant. I decided to ask them all for a business card of their respective restaurants, so I added them all to my collection.

The only disappointment is that I arrived 5 minutes too late to snag the one for America’s oldest cheese shop Alleva. I was crushed, especially since I wanted to browse their cheese selection. Oh well, I got gelato and some Asian business cards just outside of Little Italy as a consolation prize.

Business Card Count: 33,437

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