Richard P Koenig: My Roofer, My Superhero

Richard P KoenigThe thought of getting a new roof was a horrifying one because of the cost associated with it. We started off getting a few recommendations for roofers, but none of them would call us back.

My wife and I thought to ourselves that we would wait a little bit and try again, but alas we were forced to fix the roof immediately by our home insurance company. Shit got real folks.

Luckily, Richard P Koenig was recommended to us. From the outset, we knew this guy would be the one fixing our roof. Firstly, he was the only one who called back who didn’t seem like a shadester.

Secondly, his estimate was MUCH less than the shadester who I won’t name… let’s just say that he’s not the real deal. Dropping the price by almost a third vs the other guy helped us decide on Rick. And boy did we make a good decision.

When I first met with Rick about the estimate, he thoroughly explained the whole roofing process including parts of reroofing a townhouse I wouldn’t have thought of. He even didn’t change the price when he didn’t include a small section of roof he didn’t see at first, which was nice of him.

When fixing our roof, he explained step by step what was going on and how long it would take. He was true to his word and his crew even cleaned out my gutters & did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves and the old roof.

Overall, I would highly recommend Richard P Koenig to anyone looking for a roofer in the Central Jersey/Jersey Shore area. And he hopes to not see me until 30 years later when I need another new roof… or if I want to get siding done.

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