Saying Goodbye Can Be Hard to Do

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I haven’t really gotten too many business cards as of late, so I apologize.

It’s inevitable that people change their job status, whether they leave a company or get promoted. Through my business card collecting, I’ve seen many instances of companies being too cheap to produce more business cards and have had people cross off names or positions. I’ve also seen where people wrote their own information on the back of business cards.

Planet FitnessHowever, there are a couple of other cheap ways I’ve seen companies or people change their cards. The first one is seen to the left. It used to be for Yalitza Hernandez, who was the manager at the Planet Fitness near my apartment.

This is clever since they used Wite Out to cover it up. Not old-fashioned Wite Out, but an updated version that gives you a straight rectangle and won’t clump up. Up close, it looks really cheaply done and it can easily be scratched off to reveal her name again.

Style CouncilAnother way that I’ve seen people cover up an employee is to literally cover it up. One way is a sticker. I don’t see how putting this person’s info on a sticker would be cheaper than printing up new business cards.

In spite of the efforts to cover her up, this is still Marite Acosta’s business card in my book. At least until Louise Altese gets cards made up for herself.

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