Should I Never Ever Eat at Chipotle Again?

Chipotle Closing 2016I’m not picking on the staff at the Chipotle in South Plainfield NJ, but it’s the closest location to my house where I could snag business cards for the purpose of this article. I already had them, but forgot the people’s names.

Chipotle Mexican Grill has been under a lot of fire lately between the E. coli, salmonella and norovirus issues they’ve had in the past year. They are even closing down all of their restaurants on February 8, 2016 for food safety training for their employees.

I really enjoy the food at Chipotle and I’m always willing to pay the $2.10 or so extra for guacamole. I’d probably eat there once a week if I could. But my question is: would I trust eating their again?

My meal costs around $10 every time I go there, which is about I’d spend on a meal myself typically. So putting that money towards another meal wouldn’t be the end of the world to me.

The real question is whether I’d be worried about eating there again. Granted, the same argument can be made for any restaurant you eat at when you have or heard about a bad experience, but I feel like this is too much for a national shutdown is a big red flag for me. Sorry Chipotle, I’m out.

Business Card Count: 31, 941

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