Should These Be at a Gym?

I recently joined LA Fitness after my former gym, Planet Fitness, charged my girlfriend 37 times for one month of payment. I didn’t want to take chances. Aside from more advanced equipment, there was also a table of business cards I stumbled upon the first day I worked out there. I previously wrote a blog about whether I would use a product or service based on a paid-for business card display, but now I’m asking if you would go to a place, use a product or buy a service if it was advertising at the gym.

First up is Sir SpeedySir Speedy. It’s a company that does printing & marketing, so it seems like an odd fit. However, I know that LA Fitness has personal trainers and they might promote their services outside of the gym to get new people to join.

That and who knows what kind of marketing needs the gym members will have. It’s right around the corner from the gym also, so the location is great for people (like me) who might not know about it.

Nelson ConcepcionSecond is Nelson Concepcion, who is an Independent Brand Partner for Nerium. This is some sort of age-defying treatment cream, but it seems like a pyramid scheme to me. Does it work? I have no idea since I have the face of an 18 year old. Too bad my hair’s graying already.

But I digress. I think that this is an appropriate card for a gym because people go to the gym to stay in shape and to feel younger. I suppose some of those people want to look younger, too.

Corner BoutiqueThird up is The Corner Boutique. This one is a bit more tricky because it doesn’t seem right on the surface. However, I saw “body shapers” on the card and I guess some women who have a few extra pounds would want to use them to hide their unsightly cellulite.

That and the fact that people looking for clothing do work out make it fit, but it’s a pretty far leap. I guess to each his own then.

Seema JagtianiSpeaking of leaps, this next card is also a pretty big one. Seema Jagtiani, a Farmer’s Insurance agent, had her card there at the off chance that someone needing insurance will pick it up.

I know the area I live in (and where my gym is) is heavily Indian and she is Indian, so perhaps that’s more about the demographic. This is accurate since there are several Indian people at the gym. I know this may seem racist, but it seems the Indian people in my area flock to one another.

La Rosa PizzeriaThen, there’s La Rosa Pizzeria. I work out and I eat pizza, but I wish I could quit it because pizza is not the best food for you.

And I like to eat a lot, if you couldn’t tell by the business cards I cover in my blog.

Even though it’s delicious and one of my favorite foods, pizza is not the ideal workout food. Neither is pasta or pretty much everything Italian.

Shaun ParkerThis comes to the last card at the table of cards. This one was from Shaun Parker who distributes health products. She (I didn’t think that pronoun fit until I went to the site) is a part of what also seems like a pyramid scheme of sorts with the Ultimate Body Applicator.

At least it’s fitness/health related.

I also found a bunch of business cards on the ground outside of the gym and inside the locker room, so I guess this was the right gym for me.

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