1 More Reason Skylark Diner is My Fave

Skylark DinerI’ve written about the Skylark Diner in a previous blog post. I’ve dined there on several occasions and love their food, whether it’s the roasted chicken with mashed potatoes & green beans or the Mexicali chicken burger with avocado/cheese/pico de gallo & chick pea salad.

This time, we chose to use their online ordering service. I am wary of trusting technology without having to speak to a person. You can’t count on machines to do it all. Not yet at least until the androids rise up.

But I digress. The Skylark Diner online ordering system failed. I went to pick it up and the order did not go through all the way. It didn’t print out at the restaurant, although the manager I saw received an email indicating my order had come in.

What did the guy do? He rushed the order and threw in 2 free desserts without even asking. I wasn’t even going to prod into getting a freebie, but Beth loves cheesecake and I wanted to try the flourless chocolate torte (which was pretty heavenly). I love how they go above and beyond to be my favorite diner, even though it’s on the expensive side.

Tell me about your experiences ordering food online in general or your experiences at the Skylark Diner in the comments below or on my Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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