Throwback: Smoking Hookah & Eating Good at Persepolis Lounge & Grill

Persepolis Lounge and GrillTaking a trip is all about having fun experiences. And I intended to make my one day in the city of Savannah, Georgia with my significant other just that when I went down to see her family for Thanksgiving last year.

We spent the day doing a scavenger hunt, going on a haunted tour (because Savannah is pretty much built over graveyards of old) and enjoying Southern delicacies like pralines.

We decided to cap off the night at the one hookah stop we could find on Google/Yelp: Persepolis Lounge & Grill. We were conveniently about 3 blocks from it, so we gave it a whirl.

And man, did it pay off! The place was almost empty for no good reason since the ambiance was intimate and classy. The owner and waitress we had were both wonderful.

The owner recommended an amazing port wine that we had a couple of glasses of. The food was also to die for… We had a chicken dish with some rice that really stood out in a good way.

We wound up staying at Persepolis Lounge & Grill for a couple of hours just enjoying our adult night out. This was our first long trip as a couple and there was some arguing, so this day in Savannah GA and meal/hookah experience really helped make the trip special.

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