So, We’re Finally Buying a House Now

Margaret DiBellaIt’s been a long process that’s started since before Beth and I were married. I’m talking about house hunting… one of the most time consuming and hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

And our realtor Margaret DiBella has helped us all the way through both of our house hunting endeavors. We found her on the recommendation of a friend whose entire family uses her for their property needs.

House Hunting: Take One

We first contacted her in 2013 before Beth & I got engaged since we knew we wanted to buy a house. It took almost 9 months to find a house that we really loved. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

The first house was a pre-foreclosure short sale that we got for a good deal since the owners accepted it. However, the type of loan they had required the bank to accept an offer since they owed so much to them. Unfortunately, that’s where it got out of our price range & we lost interest in house hunting since we had a wedding to plan.

House Hunting: Take Two

In November, Beth and I decided to go back into the house hunt and we contacted Margaret DiBella with our new budget and where we wanted to live. We dedicated a few weekends to looking at homes. Like our first attempt, we saw some homes that were ridiculously in bad shape and old owners getting foreclosed on did damage to the house.

However, the house hunting process took a much shorter time since we found a great place with enough room at our budget. Unlike last time, this was a property owned by someone without any possibility of the bank getting involved. This made it a lot easier to put down an offer, negotiate and move forward.

I plan to keep you apprised as to the progress of my home buying experience every step of the way through business cards of course.

Business Card Count: 31,990

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