Getting a Somewhat Suspect Sales Pitch at the ShopRite in Clark NJ

ShopRite Clark NJIt’s typical that companies or people set up an area in a public place to sell their wares. And this was the case when I recently did some shopping at the ShopRite in Clark, New Jersey.

I first heard the announcement of a “free gift” being available near the dairy department and decided to stay around for a while. It turns out that it was pretty intriguing since there was a sales pitch happening for an unknown product.

Note I say unknown since it wasn’t out on the table or anything and I’d probably ignore it if I saw what it was.

But first, the free gift: the Magic Spiral… which is a $5.99 value (though I got 2 for intelligently answering a question).

Magic Spiral

The Magic Spiral is designed to create continuous spiral garnishings. The back of the box showed a photo of a cucumber being spiraled in small pieces and this photo is my result… a bit different, but it looks like it got the job done.

But that was not the product the guy was selling everyone on, including this old lady that was biting onto everything until he said the price tag: the Mr. Whipster, a new take on a whisk where you press the top and the bottom part does the whisking.

It was like a live infomercial since he said “if the Mr. Whipster’s not enough, you can also get the Jr. Whipster and the Master Decorator for free!” The product was even demonstrated to show how you only need the Mr. Whipster (and not heavy cream or a mixer) to create whipped cream.

Where it gets suspicious is when I saw him pour the milk into a bowl to whisk. The milk carton was already open, which (to play devil’s advocate) I’m sure he demonstrated it more than once and the milk had to be unsealed at SOME point). However, the milk looked like it contained heavy cream.

C’mon now: I can see the catch. I get that it’s for the sake of the demonstration to see a fast result, but that could apply for TV… not a live demo. But seriously, the 3 items would normally have cost you like $80, but the offer was all 3 forĀ just $29.95. They’d probably make good stocking stuffers or gifts for a holiday work party, but I don’t think I’d really trust the products in my kitchen.

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