Spot of Tea? No Thanks

Ana Bealls Tea RoomThis blog may be a little bit late considering how long ago this story occurred, but I wanted to write about it for a while. I just kept forgetting about it and putting it on the back burner since it wasn’t an experience that happened to me.

It was Mother’s Day Eve and my girlfriend went to Ana Beall’s Tea Room with her family. The place is as it sounds: a fancy tea room. From what I was told, the food and drinks are good.

However, the real issue comes down to the severe lack of customer service. I can boil water and make tea myself, so I’m not going to a tea room purely to drink tea. From what I was told, the wait staff were not very good at their job and inconsiderate. In fact, I was told that they even told one table to “wrap it up”, as they had to seat another table. I’ve never heard of that, even at a fancier restaurant that only takes reservations.

For a reservation-only place that makes it seem so exclusive, you don’t get the first-class treatment that you think you deserve. Word of mouth is very important for the livelihood of local businesses and they lost a future customer who enjoys drinking tea and may consider a tea room for a special occasion, as well as the women I know who ask for a place to have a shower.

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